A great range of shock absorbers in Euroa

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Moose Racing Products is the place to get high-quality shock absorbers. Based in Euroa, you'll be impressed by the range of products in store. Darrell Groat, the owner of Moose Racing Products, is proud to supply Europe's largest motorcycle shock absorber application list.

As a specialist in Hagon shocks, you'll find an excellent variety to suit your every need. Hagon have been making shocks since 1985, and you'll find something for most motorbikes since 1952.

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Road shocks

Shock absorbers in Euroa

Moose Racing Products has an excellent range of shock absorbers, including great road shocks. Visit Darrell's store in Euroa for great Type A shocks. Choose from chrome or black springs with quadrate progressive action (except 30, 35, 40, and 45kg/cm). These fantastic shocks come with a double-sealed nitrogen cell, automatic compression and rebound damping control. Plus they have an enclosed hard chrome piston rod. Call Darrell today.

Trail shocks

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In store in Euroa you'll find awesome Type B trail shocks and Type C motorcross shocks. Tear it up with these great products! Get off-road safely and with style. Type B shocks feature fast action, long stroke and all have a heavy-duty piston rod. Type C shocks give you 340mm in length and feature extra long travel. Both types are supplied in complete pairs and with a spring adjuster spanner. If you need to know more Darrell can answer all your questions.

And much more

Motorcycle shocks

There's more shock absorbers! From superlite shocks (Type D) to custom chrome shocks (Type P) there's something in store for everyone. Or you can order whatever you need. Just call Darrell in Euroa. Manufacturing special shocks for you is no problem. Regardless of whether it's large quantities or a one-off, Moose Racing Products can help. All Hagon shocks have a 2 year unlimited km guarantee and are TUV approved. That's unbeatable!