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For quality motorbike products in Euroa

Spares, apparel, and accessories

Welcome to Moose Racing Products in Euroa. The owner is Darrell Groat and he's been operating the business for years. He sells quality Hagon shocks and a whole range of motorbike products, including suspension and parts to Victoria's motorbike industry.

Darrell's product knowledge is immense and he's delighted to be the Australian franchise outlet for Hagon products. In fact, he endorses their quality and uniqueness for the Australian market. So call Darrell today. He's more than happy to assist you with all your enquiries. For great motorbike products just call Moose Racing Products.

Moose Racing Products stocks everything you need to give your bike the look and feel you're after. You'll find great mechanical parts such as brakes, chains, and piston kits to provide the smoothest ride possible.
There's also a great range of decals, brand-name accessories, and protective clothing to choose from. 


Moose Racing Products is proud to offer Euroa's most extensive range of quality motorbike products. You'll find everything required to ensure you get the finest performance and reliability from your bike. The product range includes:

  • Motorbike parts
  • Accessories
  • Dirt and road bike apparel 
  • Hagon suspension
  • Wheels

Visit Darrell's great store in Euroa today and find exactly what you're after at a good price. Or do yourself a favour and give Darrell call.

About us

Darrell Groat -- or as his friends call him, 'Moose' -- was born in London. But after several visits to Australia over a ten year period he decided to call Australia home. He now has an outstanding workshop and business on the land of his home in Euroa. But you want to know about the bikes! Darrell's been into bikes ever since he was a child, and his grandfather encouraged his passion. He's raced since he was a kid and holds championship trophies. Since arriving in Euroa Darrell's won the Crown of Australia Sidecar-cross Championship. His motorbike experience is immense, so call today for more information.